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Riti Bridie Coullian Cuill Apprentice Ghost Guardian

Riti Bridie






So come on then, what did you do? When you came face to face, or shadow to

shadow, with a ghost? Or what would you do? Sure, we can all be that brave

when we’re out of our pyjamas.




Yeah, well, neither did I. That loud, get-me-out-of-here voice exploding in my head somehow sidestepped my mouth that was too parrot-cage dry to even think

about whooping up some wild protest.


Surprising really, seeing as all I ever heard at my grandmother’s house in rural Ireland were stories about ghosts. But that’s what you get when a big Irish

family takes the likes of me – born in the UK and now living in Oxford – back

home each summer to show me off or, at least, hoping I didn’t show them up. (I

wasn’t always this insanely sensible, you know!) A magical place, surrounded

by country lanes smothered in the blackest oblivion of darkness at night. And

what ghost could resist that?


Not Sethaliss, that’s for sure.


So give him a click. I bet (absolutely, no chance), he’ll give you a splendid Grey Ghost welcome!


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