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Interview with US blogger JD DeHart 

30th August 2017

1. What drives you to write?
Getting totally lost in a world that even surprises me. And hearing the rhythm of a sentence long before I find the words that fit.

2. How did you arrive at inspiration for the book?
Well, after seeing a ghost myself I thought I should create a few of my own.

3. What advice would you offer young readers?
Stick with it, get past the first page. Read anything: toothpaste tubes, cereal packets… books! The kind that tell stories you like. Then go from there – branch out, pick up the weirdest cover you can find, then turn the page...

4. What advice would you offer young writers?
Be yourself. Forget about any imaginary reader peering over your shoulder as you write. Pretend no one will ever read it (oh, don’t worry they will!). Pick something YOU think is great and then have fun, delete and re-write as much as you like and every day you write more than ten words shout in the mirror 'I’M A WRITER!'

5. What are you reading and writing now?
Release by Patrick Ness and A Nearly Infallible History of the Reformation by Nick Page, commemorating 500 years since it happened. And I’m writing a follow up to Coullian Cuill and a completely different book with a fantastic girl main character.

6. Where can find more information about you and purchase your books?
I’d love you to go to and take a look at the brilliant character illustrations (each says hello in their own unique way). Then, for all kids out there, send a drawing of your favourite character to and I’ll put it up on the gallery (adults too, if the urge takes you).

There’s a link on my website to Troubador Publishing where you can buy my book and you can also order it online or in-store at Amazon, Waterstones, Blackwell's and most retailers in either paperback or ebook.

BBC Radio interview

11th August 2017


Interview with Lizzie Crow on BBC Radio Oxford

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