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Bremus Barn

Put yourself in Coullian Cuill’s shoes. I dare you. See if you think you’ve got
what it takes to become the next Ghost
Guardian Apprentice. But be warned, these
Grey Ghosts aren’t like the spooky ones
you’ve met in other ghost stories. These
ghosts are harsh, scary – and real.


And I should know, as I’m a Ghost Guardian. Just look at me, standing here in only a shirt, impervious to the touch of a ghost’s death-cold skin. Which is exactly what Coullian Cuillmustbe, if he is to complete his training.

Because if Coullian fails - if his carcass-this body gets slain by an Assassin’s blade - then I might just come looking for...

YOU. Copyright ©2017

Illustrations by Alan Graham,

Section D Copyright ©2017

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