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Coullian Cuill

I’m living this normal life, right – well

stuck in a rear-end-of-nowhere village – when all ghostly hell breaks loose. I’m serious, who knew about souls rising from the dead on the Night of All Souls (duh!) to turn good ghost or Grey? No you didn’t, don’t give it to me you did.


Yeah, Grey Ghosts – they stink! Like the guts of humanity roasting on a hell-fired spit. And they’re living among us, which is all you need when you’re suddenly thrust (okay, it was the best thing to come my way – EVER) into Ghost Guardian Apprenticeship training.


To do what? Guard good ghosts, of course.

And stop Grey Ghosts stealing souls, which

is a dark delight to them.


How hard could that be?


Harder than death itself.


You try having the seven ghostly bells kicked out of you. Staring down death-crazed fiends and cut-throat Assassins.


Desperate to get their bony, crafty-spectre hands on - my neck. Copyright ©2017

Illustrations by Alan Graham,

Section D Copyright ©2017

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