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I’m with you, that’s what
I thought when Coullian
and Rawsy first told me.


Sure, ghosts exist. Sure,
Coullian’s some would-be
Ghost Guardian Apprentice.
And super sure my brother’s
his Assistant. I know. How
can Rawsy be my elder
brother with a face like that?


And who wants to be someone’s
Assistant anyway? I get to
wield a chill silver sword,
which will freeze-peel the
skin offyou, if you ever
touch it. So, don’t.


And don’t expect an easy
time, either. These Grey
Ghosts think life’s too
short not to live ever after.
Whether you’ll still feel
like living after meeting

onethough, remains to
be seen... Copyright ©2017

Illustrations by Alan Graham,

Section D Copyright ©2017

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