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What you lookin’ at?


Only the hardest (not around the waist, but don’t tell Killane I’ve coughed up to that) Apprentice’s Assistant there’s ever been. Who cares if Coullian got the top job?  At least I don’t have to suffer all that let’s-grab-a-Grey-Ghost training. And I tell you, who’d want to be grabbing a dead-skinned ghoul? Because that’s what they are. Living and holidaying back here, blowing their cold-boned backsides off, acting all smart-ash and a complete pain in death’s dark hole.


Hang on a bit, need to adjust my shorts.

How come seams always get stuck right in

the crease of my big...? Well, you know

what I mean. Speaking of which, get a load

of old Sethaliss and Aukram. Copyright ©2017

Illustrations by Alan Graham,

Section D Copyright ©2017

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