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Roushus Rouse

Oh, hello.

You’re older than I expected.

Quite attractive too, in that


veins sort of way.


All a distant memory to me, I’m

afraid, now that I’m back here

with rat-tailed hair and a

white paper suit. Designer, of

course, there’s no need to let

standards slip just because 

you’re dead.


Although technically, I’m a

real-life living ghost, who’s

actually back here living.

And why? Well, to train that boy

Apprentice (if he ever makes it)

and his best friend, gorge-his-

backside-off, Rawsy. Don’t tell

Rawsy I said that, will you, as

I’ve never been good at ducking

flying, fat fists.


And don’t worry about the

restraining buckles dangling

from my suit, it’s a long story.

Well, not that long if you

get started now... Copyright ©2017

Illustrations by Alan Graham,

Section D Copyright ©2017

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